First Days at Arcadia | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester

First Days at Arcadia

Cathy Shrady

The students arrived from their canoe expedition around 5 p.m., Friday, August 24. They had all survived the legendary Dead Creek paddle of the last day which was a “character building” experience. They were hot, tired and in good spirits, happy to have arrived at their new home, Arcadia. A quick tour of the site, yurt assignments and a little unpacking and it was time for dinner cooked by a couple of ADK Semester 2017 alumni.

Saturday was a day of site orientation, learning the systems of the yurt village (Arcadia) and how to stay safe and happy. Sunday was a day of rest and reading for class. On Monday afternoon the students had their first academic class with me and on Tuesday morning they met Everett Smith the master boat builder/woodworker who with whom they will be making paddles. He is also a master storyteller and he entertained them until lunch. After lunch they had their Creative Expressions class and now they are well into the swing of the first week of classes, exploring the area, cooking their first dinner for all in their cook team, etc.

Enjoy the photos of their first day at Arcadia and I invite you to keep up with their adventures throughout the semester. All the rest of these weekly updates will be written by the students themselves.