Drum Circles, Cauliflower, Cheese Pie, and Wolves | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester

Drum Circles, Cauliflower, Cheese Pie, and Wolves

Emma “I am the definition of Sprawl” Geiger
Caitlin “I love cheese and jam” Kelly

Emma and Caitlin here again, sitting side by side at the kitchen table.  There is a fire roaring in the woodstove and the waning gibbous moon shines brightly outside.  These days at Arcadia seem to pass even more quickly than they did back in August and September, and it’s hard to believe we only have two weeks left before Thanksgiving break.  With that being said, we’re all determined to take advantage of each precious day here, frantically crossing off long forgotten goals on our bucket lists.

Wednesday we took a trip to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center in Willmington for our ecology class with Sue.  We enjoyed learning about all sorts of animals, from the social kestrels, sleeping fox, pacing bobcat, and the beautiful wolves.  We also met a funny goose the size of a German Shepherd (we’re not kidding) loitering around the driveway, who didn’t seem too happy about our presence.  We also got to see the snowy owl that Sue, herself, rehabilitated last year after it was hit by a bus in Canton, and is now in great health.  Jonas, an employee of the center, demonstrated his kinship with the wolves while playing and wrestling with them in their pen.  It was clear the wolves accepted him as one of their own.  Sue’s young daughter, Gigi also came along for the fun, and was as intrigued and excited about the animals as we were.

The following morning we woke up to the Earth-shaking voice of the one and only Eli Campbell, doing a dramatic reading of the Dr. Suess classic, The Lorax, in the center of the Arcadian Village.  Later that day, Nate took the phrase “town run” quite literally, and took it upon himself to run the 13 miles to Tupper, an impressive feat.

On Friday night, a guest walked the paths of Arcadia with 14 drums. Who was it you ask?  A man named Len, not to be confused with Glenn or Gwyn.  We took part in a powerful and energetic drum circle in the community yurt, and enjoyed Len’s passion for African drumming.  The next day, Len and his sidekick Roger, quite the dynamic duo – taught us about tracking, awareness, and sweat lodges.  We spent the majority of the day building the sweat lodge.  The day concluded with the sweat which proved to be enlightening to some, uncomfortable to others, but certainly was a valuable learning experience for all.  The same night, the second annual “boys night” took place, leaving Arcadia quiet and all to the girls, while the boys headed to the lean-to on the opposite side of the lake.  The girls enjoyed cauliflower cheese pie and baked acorn squash made by Marguerite and Caitlin, and went to bed soon after.