The Adventure Begins | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester

The Adventure Begins

Adirondack Semester students arrived at the Sustainability House on Saturday, Aug. 13, 2016 eager to start their semester-long adventure. They met with each faculty member, shared a delicious BBQ dinner (foreshadowing all the awesome meals they will cook on the ADK Semester), and packed their canoe barrels for their week-long canoe expedition. 

On Sunday, they hand-bound and decorated journals for one of their classes and we drove them to their first night’s camping spot from which they will begin paddling.

It is now day two of paddling and a wet one- ironic after an entire summer of almost no rain, but no doubt they are bonding and will have great stories to share once they arrive at their home for the semester, the yurt village called Arcadia.

I will post another brief weekly update next week documenting their first couple of days at Arcadia and after that the weekly updates will be written by the students themselves on subjects of their choosing relating to their life at Arcadia.
Be sure to follow their adventures!

Cathy Shrady
Director, Outdoor Studies & Adirondack Semester