The Adventure Begins! | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester

The Adventure Begins!

Cathy Shrady
Director, Adirondack Semester

The 2015 Adirondack Semester has begun! Students arrived for their expedition orientation on Saturday, August 24. They camped out (literally) at the Sustainability Semester campus (4 miles from SLU’s campus), and prepared for their 9 day canoe expedition.

After saying cheers until mid-semester break to families, this year’s Arcadians, set up their tents, and repacked their gear: some in “pickle barrels”, water proof barrels with back pack straps for canoeing and portaging,  some to be transported out to Arcadia, the yurt village, (no doubt they will explain the significance of the name in future weekly updates) to await their arrival, next week. They met each of the professors who will be traveling to Arcadia to teach their classes and had the last non-camp cooked meal until they return from expedition: local chicken and salad and corn on the cob, veggie burgers and a varieties of pies (from the farmers’ market) and ice cream.

Some more expedition briefing, general expectations and what’s to come once on site at Arcadia rounded preparations out and then off we drove to Eighth Lake near Inlet in the Adirondacks on Sunday for a night at the camp ground there before the students and two Assistant Directors begin the paddling expedition proper.

I will post another weekly update next week, after the students return from expedition, giving a little insight into their first days at Arcadia. After that, all other weekly updates will be by the students. Each post will have a theme chosen by them, although the first post will be about their canoe expedition. Follow their semester-long adventure here!