ADK Semester 2017 Begins | St. Lawrence University Adirondack Semester

ADK Semester 2017 Begins

The 2017 Adirondack Semester is officially underway! Students spent two days at SLU’s Sustainability House and farm preparing for the canoe expedition, meeting staff and faculty, hand binding themselves, hand-made paper journals for class and bonding over shared allergies, interests and spirit of adventure.

They were issued official eclipse glasses for viewing the partial solar eclipse on the 21st; no doubt they were in their canoes on a lake with an awesome view when it happened!

The rest of the students’ gear has been taken to the yurt village and we’ve continued the on-going process of keeping the site as safe as can be (see photo of arborist in tree).

The students will paddle into Arcadia (our yurt village), their home for the semester, on the 25th where they will be greeted by Cathy, the Director, and several 2016 Arcadians who will cook them their first meals (setting the bar high with Arcadian cooking skills learned on the semester) and initiating the new students into the joys of the sauna followed by a dip in the lake. Saturday the 26th will be a full day of site orientation, Sunday a day of rest and Monday classes start. It will be a busy first week and weekend for them, ending with a weekend of wilderness first aid training which will earn them there WFA certification.

I will submit one more weekly update of the first days at Arcadia and after that the students will be submitting these weekly updates as part of their Creative Expressions class.

-Cathy Shrady

Director, Outdoor Studies & Adirondack Semester