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Adirondack Semester - Weekly Updates


Woodworking and More

Hammer Time

The Great Arcadian Bake Off

A Night with Bill Smith

Adirondack Semester Art

Eight Maids A-Milking

Treacherous Weather in the High Peaks

Tracking with Len

Chore Day

From Massawepie to Tupper Lake

Stay in the Raft!

The Students are Here!

ADK Semester 2019 Begins


Adirondack Internship Round-up

A Final Thesis

Who's Afraid of the Dark?

Carrying the Community

Light upon the Lake

Going For It

The Real World

A Weekend in Essex

A Walk in the Park

Cream of the Crop

Connections Beyond Canton

First Days at Arcadia

ADK Semester 2018 Begins


Send More Firewood!

Adirondack Semester Poetry & Art

Other Worldly Adventures

Changing Seasons

Just Arcadia Things

A Bloggy Blog

Otters, Stories, Loggers, and Rocks

High Peaks Expedition

Following Our Food

Rafting the Wild Hudson

Dead Creek

First Days at Arcadia

ADK Semester 2017 Begins


Woodworking at Michael’s

Amateur Art in the Adirondacks

Trekking Through the Semester

Weekend at Essex

Beyond the Grain

Dinner Time at Arcadia

Hittin’ the Trails….Arcadian Style

First Days at Arcadia

The Adventure Begins



The Usual Arcadian Madness

Squidward & Enofferz

First Snow

Food Week

This Week on keeping up with the Arcadians: The kids go hiking!!!

Overheard at Arcadia

Rock Climbing

Settling In

Here We Are

First Days at Arcadia

The Adventure Begins


Drum Circles, Cauliflower, Cheese Pie, and Wolves

Rhyme Time

Meditation and Solos

Mid-semester Break and Beyond

New Beginnings

Arcadian Millionaires

Distance Makes the Doug (Heart) Grow Fonder


Crushing Classes Conquering Peaks

Expedition Report

First Days at Arcadia

And They're Off


The Final Plunge

"Namu Namu"

Furry Friends


It's Good to be Back

Qué Será, Será

Ah, if Only we had Pickles

Gray Jays & Spoke Shaves

Why We Climb Mountains

Put Some Freakin’ Plants in Your Mouth, says Mark Kimball

Who Needs a Radio Anyway?

Never Hurry, Bow Often

Orientation and first days at Arcadia


A Spooky Evening in the Woods

A Week at Arcadia with Eco-Jim

Concerning Hurricane Sandy

A Break from the Woods

Massawepie's Greatest Art Show

On the Subject of Wood

Baggin' Peaks Left and Right

By Blue and Rocky

Essex Farm: A Local Farm with a Lot of Heart

Arcadian Five Types of Fun

First Days


Expedition Orientation