Undergraduate Registration Information

Undergraduate students wishing to register for Summerterm courses (including on-line courses) must register by using APR 2.0

The cost for one undergraduate unit for Summerterm 2018 is $3,865 plus a $40 registration fee.

  • Registration will be open April 23rd - May 29th (midnight). If you register by May 25th, you will receive a $250 discount, PER COURSE.  
  • All students will be placed on a financial hold until payment arrangements with Student Financial Services are complete!
  • Students have the option to sign up for a monthly payment plan starting in April. There is a one-time $40 registration fee associated with the monthly payment plan. To sign up for the payment plan you must either call Student Financial Services (315-229-5581) or visit their office on the third floor of the Student Center. 
  • If you sign up for a payment plan or make payment in full by May 25th, you will receive a $250.00 discount, PER COURSE. Your payment plan contract would be as follows based on a one unit undergraduate course:        

3 Month Payment Plan:           
Payment due dates are 4/25, 5/25, and 6/25.

2 Month Payment Plan:            
Payment due dates are 5/25 and 6/25.

Students should be aware that courses with fewer than five students may be cancelled. Special program and independent study students must follow the special registration instructions associated with their programs of study.

Payments may be made by cash, check, on-line or via the payment plan set up by Student Financial Services. 

Undergraduate Registration:
April 23rd - May 29th

Wednesday, May 30th - Friday, June 1st

What does it cost?
Undergraduate registration fee: $40
Tuition per unit: $3,865

Room & Board:
Cost will vary and is dependent upon which courses you register for. Please check with Residence Life, 315-229-5250.

Students from Other Colleges:
If you are not currently enrolled at St. Lawrence and wish to take undergraduate Summerterm courses, you must complete the special student enrollment form. Attendance at St. Lawrence during Summerterm does not imply admission to the University. 

If you wish to enroll at St. Lawrence as a degree candidate, you must submit a formal application for admission to the University. For details, please contact the Admissions Office, 1-800-285-1856.

Independent Study, Projects and Internships
Opportunities for independent study, projects and internships are available with faculty sponsorship at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. If a course you want to take is not offered, you should consider doing an independent study course. To do any of these you must:

1. Have 2.5 minimum cumulative grade point average (GPA),
2. Find a Faculty sponsor,
3. Submit an independent study application form to Brigett Ritchie in the Dean's Office for approval, with signatures from faculty sponsor and department chair,
4. Pay tuition and registration fees at Student Financial Services, or have Student Financial Services certify your participation in a payment plan.

Completed applications must be approved in advance of Summerterm. You may not register for independent study or internships through the regular Summerterm registration process.

Note: Students taking an independent study or participating in an internship must be registered and have paid in full in order to receive a grade and course credit.

Provisions for Students with Special Needs
St. Lawrence grants "reasonable accommodations" to documented learning-disabled students as established by the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Such accommodations, which are the student's responsibility to request, are granted as needed on a case-by-case basis and are arranged by the student and professor upon consultation with the Director of the Office of Disability and Access Services. Academic requirements that are an essential part of the University's educational goals may be accommodated, but may not be waived.

The Office of Disability and Access Services also serves individuals who have learning challenges or differing abilities. Anyone who has an impairment is provided counsel on the facilities, equipment and accommodations available at St. Lawrence. Further information about St. Lawrence University's accommodation policy is available from the Office of Disability and Access Services at 315-229-5537.

Auditing a Summerterm Course
An (A) following a course name means that course is part of the Community Auditing Program. If you're 21 or over and want to take a Summerterm course for personal enrichment without earning credit, you can do so through the Community Auditing Program. You'll enjoy relaxed requirements, but need the written permission of the instructor, who may establish his or her own guidelines. Auditing will only be offered for courses that meet the minimum undergraduate student enrollment. Fees: $35.

You must be covered by family or other accident and health insurance. The University is not responsible for the loss or damage of personal property regardless of what or who causes the damage. We suggest you consult with your parents or guardians and insurance advisor to ensure that you have adequate coverage for accidents, illness and personal property loss.

Summerterm Refund Policy
Please contact the Student Financial Services Office at 315-229-5581 for details. Please note there are non-refundable deposits and fees associated with special programs.