Convocation 2020 | St. Lawrence University Academic Affairs

Convocation 2020

Convocation is a "calling together" of the academic community at the start of a new year. Its purpose is to mark by ritual a new beginning for our mission as a university. The ceremony aims to achieve a felt recognition by participants, by acknowledging the accomplishments of faculty and staff members of our own academic community.


Wednesday, September 23, 2020
5:00 - 6:00 pm

Opening Voluntary
Sondra Goldsmith Proctor, Musician-in-Residence
Léon Boëllman (1862 – 1772)
Suite Gothique
Menuet Gothique

Shaun Whitehead, University Chaplain

William L. Fox, President of the University

Faculty Tenure and Promotion
Sarah Gates, 2019-2020 Chair, Professional Standards Committee

Louis and Frances Maslow Award
Dean Schonberg

J. Calvin Keene Award
Dean Schonberg

John P. "Jack" Taylor Award
President Fox

Thomas F. Coakley Distinguished Career Service Award
President Fox

New Faculty & Staff and Promotions
Dean Schonberg

Dean Schonberg

Faculty Entered on Continuing Tenure and Promotion
Alessandro Giardino, Associate Professor of Modern Languages
Mark Sturges, Associate Professor of English
Angela Sweigart-Gallagher, Associate Professor of Performance & Communication Arts

Faculty Awarded Promotion
Jessica Chapman, Grace J. Fippinger Professor of Statistics
Alison Del Rossi, R. Sheldon Johnson ‘68 & Virginia H. Johnson Professor of Economics
Ana Estevez, Sarah Johnson ’82 Professor of Biology & Psychology
Samantha Glazier, Professor of Chemistry
Jon Rosales, Professor of Environmental Studies
Melissa Schulenberg, L. M. and G. L. Flint Professor of Art & Art History
Cheryl Stuntz, Absalom Graves Gaines Professor of Psychology

Closing Voluntary
Sondra Goldsmith Proctor, Musician-in-Residence
Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)
Fuga pro Organo pleno, BWV 552    

​​​​​​​Alma Mater
J. Kimball Gannon '24

Alma Mater, Old St. Lawrence
We are singing now of thee,
May thy fair name dwell forever
In our fondest memory.
And when college days are over,
From this Hill we've wended down,
We will love thee yet,
We'll ne'er forget the Scarlet and the Brown,
Hail Alma Mater!
To thee our heads bow down.
We will sing thy praise through endless days,
To the Scarlet and the Brown.