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Student Research Funds Request Form


Student Research Funds support various scholarly activities of full-time St. Lawrence University students including materials, laboratory supplies, and travel related to research. These funds, administered by the Academic Dean’s office, are awarded on a case-by-case basis with awards as high as $600 per student per academic year. Proposals are evaluated on the justification of the funds requested, the potential significance for the student’s intellectual development, and the appropriateness of the project as it relates to the student’s academic plan at St. Lawrence. All requests will be reviewed by the Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs.

Request Guidelines:

Applications for research funds require a detailed proposal that includes the following information:

- the rationale behind the research and the intended goals of the project
- the process or methodology of the research
- the background of the student’s involvement with the subject
- how the proposed project fits into current and future research and/or academic development
- the personal benefits of the project
- how the project will benefit the University, if applicable
- questionnaires or other measures and/or the bibliography to be consulted
- an itemized budget


Complete this form in its entirety and upload a detailed proposal and a letter of support from a sponsoring faculty member below.

You will be notified by e-mail of the results of your request within 5 to 7 business days.

NOTE: Requests without the required back-up will not be processed. A completed expense reimbursement form must be submitted to the Dean of Academic Affairs, Vilas 103, within 15 business days after returning from the approved trip.

If you have questions or need guidance to complete this form, please contact Aubree Pratt ( (315-229-5994).