Proposal for Approval of Research with Human Participants

Read and consider the following from the Policy Statement of the St. Lawrence University Institutional Review Board as you complete this form:

In reviewing each proposal for projects involving human participants, the IRB shall determine whether these participants will be placed at risk, and if so whether:
(a) The risks to the participant are so outweighed by the sum of the benefit to the participant or the importance of the knowledge to be gained as to warrant a decision to allow the participant to accept these risks;
(b) The rights and welfare of any such participants will be adequately protected; and
(c) Legally effective informed consent will be obtained by adequate and appropriate means (see below for information regarding the informed consent statement).
(d) The person(s) proposed to conduct the project are competent and qualified.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the submission of an application for approval from the IRB, please contact Dr. Cathy Crosby-Currie at (315) 229-5167 or via electronic mail at

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All investigators on the project **must** read the following before agreeing below: I have read the New York State Public Health Law, Article 24-A as amended and all of the instructions regarding completion of this application, and I am submitting a complete description of the research and an Informed Consent Statement to the Institutional Review Board for Human Participant Research for its review. I understand that data collection is not to begin until approval has been granted. In addition, I agree: 1. To include in this application any moral/ethical objection to this study that I may see. 2. To report to the Institutional Review Board any moral/ethical problems that should arise regarding the use of human participants during the course of the study. 3. To report to the Institutional Review Board any change in the research plan that may affect the method of using human participants. 4. To notify the Institutional Review Board at the completion of the study, or to request a continuation of approval of this project if it is not complete by May of this academic year.

Entering your name(s) above signifies that you agree to the above conditions.

1) Purpose of the Proposed Study - Provide a clear and accurate statement of the goals of the proposed study and how the proposed methodology aids in fulfilling these goals.

2) Description of Methodology - Provide a clear and complete description of the methodology and any apparatus to be used in this study. Make sure you include in this description the procedures for recruiting participants, obtaining their informed consent, and debriefing them (if applicable) after their participation. You do not need to include any procedures which are not relevant to the involvement of human participants.

3) Materials - Include a copy of all materials to be presented to the participants, such as questionnaires or stimulus materials. If your study involves interviews, include a copy of the interview protocol to be used.

4) Discussion of Risk - Discuss all of the potential risks of physical and/or psychological harm to the participants from their involvement in this study and the measures you are taking to minimize these risks to the participants. Note that research involving human participants rarely involves no potential risks at all.