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Faculty Cafe ~ Professor Jeff Frank, Education

2/24/17 4:00pm to 5:30pm
Sykes Common Room

John Dewey’s Continuing Significance in Two Acts
Jeff Frank, Education
February 24th ~ 4:00pm - 5:30pm ~ Sykes Common Room

In this presentation, I discuss two of my current projects and attempt to connect them to what we share in common: the work of higher education. The first act will focus on renewed interest within the teacher education community of realizing Dewey’s vision of creating a science of education. I consider what it would mean to make the art of teaching more scientific, describe recent efforts to do just this in k-12 teacher education, and then discuss possible implications for higher education pedagogy. The second act will focus on Dewey’s thinking on the educational present. Dewey repeatedly argues that the only preparation for the future a student needs is learning how to extract the fullest significance of the present moment. I will unpack what Dewey means by this, and then offer a discussion of what a deeper appreciation of the educational present might mean for teaching and learning at the k-12 and college level.


These Friday events provide an opportunity to celebrate faculty members’ ongoing research and scholarly accomplishments. They provide time to relax at the end of the work week, catch up with old friends, and meet new people from across campus as you enjoy wine, beer, other drinks, and snacks. The Cafés and Book Publication Celebrations are a place for faculty to share their scholarly projects, in language accessible to the broad campus community, in the hopes that it will inspire lively discussion, helpful feedback and criticism, and possibly interest in future collaborations across disciplines. All faculty and staff are welcome at these events, and we encourage you to make them a regular part of your schedule. The Faculty Development Committee and the Academic Dean’s Office plan the Cafés and Book Celebrations, and the Center for Teaching and Learning and Corporate and Foundations Relations provide financial support.