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Teaching Roundtable Gathering

2/9/18 4:00pm to 5:30pm
Dean Eaton Formal Lounge

You will have the opportunity to find out more about:

1.      Teaching in the FYP or a sophomore seminar

2.      Adding CBL or travel components to a course

3.      Connecting with colleagues on issues we all wrestle with (assignment design, grading, effective group work and oral participation, academic honesty etc.),

4.      Following up with others who identified additional affinity themes at our last gathering

a.      original themes: media, representation, historical memory, social identities, faith, traditions, philosophy, politics & social change, migration, urban studies, global economy, technology & development, sustainability, physical world, health

b.      new themes generated on the 1/23: activism, journalism & media, (re)presentations of self & celebrity, digital creative expression, art, performance & politics, critical analysis of technology, foodways, childhood across cultures, science communication, data           & evidence across disciplines, human rights & justice, race, identities, & power

5.      Winning coffee cards for the first 20 people who commit to meeting with a colleague or two to talk more about teaching

6.      Eating snacks and toasting our collective commitment to teaching