Website Resources - Site Management

You can manage certain pieces of information on your landing/homepage.

1. Go to your landing page and you will see a set of tabs below the main image and description text for the page. Click on the Edit tab.

2. Do not change the title of the site, without speaking with Web Services staff first.

3. You can remove, add or rearrange images for the landing page slide show.

4. You can change the description that appears on your landing page.

5. For departments that don't have news, events and/or student biographies, you can change the content in the lower part of the page under Landing Page Content. If that section is blank, please leave it that way.

6. You can edit all of your contact information there.

7. Under the staff page heading, you can add, delete and rearrange the users who appear on your staff directory. To add a new person, go to the bottom of that section and find the blank field. You need to know the person's username. You can start typing and it will autocomplete based on what names are available. Select the correct username and it will be added. You can use the four-way arrows to arrange the order they appear on the staff directory page. To remove someone, delete the reference to their username and save the form. DO NOT CLICK THE REMOVE BUTTON IMMEDIATELY BELOW THE LIST OF USERS. IT WILL DELETE THE ENTIRE LIST!

8,. Make sure you save your work.