This Web Cam allows you to adjust the view to see a real-time panorama of campus! You have a minimum of 20 seconds to interact with the camera. If other users log on, your turn will conclude after 20 seconds. But if you are the only user, your turn will be extended until others want to explore.

To control the camera, click on the button at the bottom right that says Start Control.

To move to the left or right, use the slider and arrows below the image. The camera will show scenes from Madill Hall, Johnson Hall of Science, Millennium Way (Piskor and Brewer Bookstore) and Dana Dining Hall/Sykes Hall.

To move the camera up and down, use the slider and arrows immediately to the right of the image. Straight down in the front of the Student Center.

To zoom the image in and out, use the slider and arrows further to the right.

You will need Java installed to view this feature. You can download it here.