How to Request SLUSAF Funds

The SLUSAF Contingency Fund is a fund designed as a reserve account to help fund unforeseen expenses (such as a guest lecture, or special conference) for groups on campus. The Contingency Fund is designed to be a last resort for funding when all other attempts at fundraising have been exhausted. 

All contingency request forms must be submitted by email (in a word document) to the Vice President of Senate Affairs, Laura Jennings Requests need to be submitted by Sunday at noon for the next Thelomathesian Society meeting. A proposal for contingency funding must answer the following questions and be presented to the Senate at the next meeting:

Organization/Club/Group/Individual(s) requesting funds:

Phone number and e-mail for at least one representative:

Cost of event (total itemized costs):

Exact dollar amount requested from The Society:

Describe the event and its purpose:

State the date and period of time for which the event is scheduled:

Target audience:

Number of participants:

Other organizations/groups/departments etc. involved:

How you plan to advertise the event:

Use of funds – please address the following:

Other sources of funding (mention amount and source, or any attempts made to get additional funding):

Any other comments that may support your proposal: