Recession Response
Budget Reduction Decisions

St. Lawrence is financed primarily from three revenue sources:  student tuition, room and board charges, and a student activity fee; income from our endowment; and income from the generous gifts of individuals and foundations.  We anticipate a $3-4 million revenue loss problem for 2009-2010—significant indeed but thankfully a far smaller problem to solve, at least in the short run, than the problems wealthier colleges and universities must solve to handle the same percentage declines on much larger endowment and gift bases.

Working steadily at this since October we have found ways to close this gap through a combination of revenue improvements and budget-tightening measures that we believe will not negatively affect students’ experiences while we continue to move forward with several of our most critical priorities for enhancing our students’ education here.
April 2009

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Budget Reduction Decisions

Contracted with Marathon Travel service to achieve cost efficiencies and best service. Read more.

Recognizing lower rates for energy and improving energy conservation.

Managing faculty sabbatical and leave replacement more tightly.

Imposing a minimum delay in the filling of all administrative positions of 90 days and beginning a program of voluntary reductions in annual appointment length for administrators.

Reductions in entertainment expenses and travel costs, primarily through less expensive travel.

Reducing expenses associated with the First-Year Cup.

Reducing the quantity of printed Catalogs and directing faculty and students to on-line resources.

Eliminating the printed telephone Directory for faculty, staff and students.

Eliminating the printed Report of Appreciation (donations and volunteerism) and creating an on-line appreciation resource site.

Sending paystubs through campus mail rather than US Mail.

Increasing vehicle registration fees for students (to $80/year).

Charging $25 per ride for airport transportation.

Eliminating clipping service used to track newspaper citations.

Starting with Class of 2010, charging for academic regalia ($20/person).

Reduce University membership costs in external professional organizations.

Updated December, 2009