Sustaining the Sustainability Semester

John R. “Jeff” Cook ’70 believes strongly in St. Lawrence’s new Sustainability Semester – so strongly, in fact, that he’s helped set up one of its key components.

The semester, based for the majority of its time on a farm about four miles from the St. Lawrence campus, incorporates a short urban comparative study component in Boston, where Cook lives.  Cook, the founder and former head of the Environmental Careers Organization, puts the program’s students in touch with sustainability leaders and what he calls “change agents” – individuals and organizations in the Boston area who are working on issues such as locally grown food and open space – to develop field trips, workshops and internships for Sustainability Semester students.

Cook supports the Semester because he believes it will create a powerful learning experience, introduce students to possible sustainability careers, and demonstrate that St. Lawrence alumni can provide a wide array of resources in fulfilling the University’s mission. And, he says, it’s “a way to give back to the University, which has done so much for my family, my friends and me.”