Margaret MacDonald

Margaret MacDonald
Enviromental Studies-English
Saratoga Springs, NY

A resident of the Sustainability Semester House in the fall (when it was simply a theme house) Margaret has returned to take on living in the same house, but experience something completely different. She is here because she wants to personally embody what it means to be sustainable. Her interests are rooted in her deep love and care for animals. When Margaret isn’t making some glorious vegan concoction that leave all the other housemates “oohing” and “aahhing,” she enjoys running. Her family, North Country natives, made it easier for her to appreciate all that there is around us. She enjoys the North Country and remembers it as a kid when visiting her relatives. Though Margaret is quieter than most in the house, she isn’t shy. She’s ready with a quick quip of sarcasm or will sneak you a goofy face when you really should be paying attention.