Johnny's Selected Seeds Supports Semester

Johnny’s Selected Seeds has chosen the inaugural Sustainability Semester to support with seed donations. As the students learn about the impacts of a globalized food system, they will have the opportunity to engage in growing and raising their own food. One of the goals for the first season of the program is to produce 100% of the vegetable consumption needs for the following spring and fall using organic methods. The first year plan also includes raising chickens, for eggs and meat, pigs, and growing some field corn, wheat and other grains for human and livestock consumption. Students will participate in workshops on topics including a broad spectrum of food preservation techniques, seed starting, garden planning and management, seed saving, and other sustainable living skills.

One of the goals of the Sustainability Semester is to give students an experience that prepares them to meet the serious challenges facing their communities and world. The agricultural component of this program will offer them both the theoretical framework and practical skills to begin doing so. We thank Johnny’s Selected Seeds for their support of our work.

From their website: “Johnny’s Selected Seeds is a privately held, employee-owned seed producer and merchant headquartered in Winslow, Maine, USA. The company was established in 1973 by our Founder and Chairman Rob Johnston, Jr. Johnny’s mission is helping families, friends, and communities to feed one another by providing superior seeds, tools, information and service.”