Sustainability Program Blog

St. Lawrence University's Sustainability Program is an off-campus living-learning program located 5 miles from the SLU campus where students create community together with the goals of living sustainably in a renovated farm house, growing and preserving their own food and building both theoretical and practical knowledge pertaining to sustainability. The students take classes together on site, focused on aspects of sustainability. They cook and share meals together, bake bread, do farm and house chores, engage in projects including wood working, maple sugaring, soap making, and other crafts, and work with community members involved in homesteading, farming, green building and more. This blog is written by the students participating in the Sustainability& Program and gives a snap shot of their reflections and experiences.

by Jacob Cockrell
March 14th, 2013
“Idiazabal, Landaff, Tarentaise, Buenalba al Romero, Moliterno, Humboldt Fog, Taleggio Caravaggio, Oma, and Patacabra…!” These names and the sharp sent of acidification along with phrases like “smoked, nutty flavor” “Sardinian sheep milk delight” and “hints of flavor from rind to paste” wafted...
by Olivia Downs
March 6th, 2013
Gloves: check. Boots: check. Hats, snow pants, hand knitted scarves…plus hammers, taps, and a drill: check, check, check; everything we need to start tapping. We gather in our usual kerfuffle by the door, exchanging apprehensive glances before we plunge into the bitterly cold North Country air. The...
by Lauren Olson
February 24th, 2013
Between petroleum-based fertilizers and pesticides, transportation, and storage, it takes roughly ten fossil fuel calories to produce one calorie of food in the average American diet. This differential is highly unsustainable, and escaping the modern food industry requires a conscious effort....
by Heron Hetzler
February 17th, 2013
What do you do on Friday afternoons?  Have dinner with friends?  Watch a movie?  What about make your own green cleaning supplies or insulated curtains?  Our Friday afternoons, originally marked off for homesteading skills, has been designated “Friday fun-time.”  What’s...
by Bronte Sone
February 9th, 2013
Yes, we have laptops. Yes, we have electricity. Yes, we have heating and hot water. And yes, we have classes. In fact living at the Sustainability site is exactly like living in a normal house (albeit a beautiful farmhouse on a great plot of land). To the outside world, participating in the...
by Zelie Wright-Neil
February 4th, 2013
Two weeks ago eight intrepid St. Lawrence students arrived at their new home, a white and green renovated old farmhouse in the-middle-of-nowhere northern New York. Those eight students were us: Emma, Bronte, Zelie, Lauren, Jake, Emma, Olivia and Heron. None of us knew quite what to expect before we...