Sean Reville

Sean Reville Environmental Studies Major from Stanford, CT
Sean Reville
Environmental Studies
Stanford, CT

Sean is a Connecticut native fresh out of his yurt from participating in the Adirondack Semester last fall. Sean has a great sense of humor and an eclectic taste in music. He can often be heard strumming his guitar throughout the house. He is a self-proclaimed movie aficionado and has many great suggestions for our frequent movie nights. Sean is one of the most competent in the kitchen and plans to perfect his bread-baking abilities this semester. His outgoing nature helps balance out the more introverted nature of the rest of the group. When not doing homework Sean likes to cross country ski or unwind with a science fiction graphic novel. Sean hopes to further his interest and understanding of sustainability this semester, with potential plans of opening a co-op back in his hometown after college to provide a source of locally grown food.