Emma Phillips

Emma Phillips Environmental Studies Major from Akwesanse, NY
Emma Phillips
Environmental Studies
Akwesasne, NY

Emma is from Akwesasne, NY, which is not too far from the Sustainability House. Studying and helping the environment has always been a passion of hers. Living in the North Country played a large role in driving her interest in the environment, as well. Aside from her interest in the environment, Emma can also be seen baking delicious desserts for the other residents in the house and sketching various things that come to mind. She also enjoys playing volleyball when the weather is nice. Although she is fairly quiet, Emma stands out through her kindness and insightful observations. She also has a great taste in music! She hopes the Sustainability Semester will help her gain hands-on environmental experience to complement the things that she has learned in school. She is also interested in cooking using primarily local foods.