Anna Hughes

Anna Hughes Conservation Biology Major from Ellicott City, MD
Anna Hughes
Conservation Biology
Global Studies
Ellicott City, MD

A native of Ellicott City, Maryland, Anna is known for her southern hospitality. Anna is an outgoing and kind individual. She plays field hockey for St. Lawrence and is planning to travel to India next semester, where she hopes to study water scarcity and sanitation issues. Anna’s heroes and role models include Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Wilma Rudolph, and whoever invented Nutella—because that stuff’s delicious! Anna came to the Sustainability Semester to explore her passion for the environment and to experience sustainability in a living-learning community. She enjoys biking, hiking, running, cross-country skiing, eating, and watching Grey’s Anatomy. Anna is looking forward to building snow forts, playing Settlers of Catan, and learning a lot this semester.