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If you feel the need to escape your schoolwork for a bit, a stroll through the woods near campus will lead you to this cozy lean-to. Overnight camping trips are encouraged!
Our outstanding rock-climbing program takes students all over the Adirondacks, as well as more exotic climbing locations like Kentucky and California. Come learn how to climb AND look this cool!
We aren't confined to plain old classrooms here at St. Lawrence. Class on top of one of the many surrounding Adirondack peaks is just one of the perks of our close proximity to the mountains.
Four feet of snow and cold temperatures? No problem! When winter descends with a vengeance, we just put on a few more layers and get creative. Late night cross-campus ski trips are a common occurrence up here!
The Advanced Modern and Sculpture as Performance classes teamed up to create human masterpieces! Students had to figure out how to connect when still, and how to move together, as pictured here.
Dancers in the Intermediate Modern class prepared for the fall concert with some serious wigs. The concept for this piece? An 18th century rager, complete with smeared makeup and waltzing!
Lucy Ring ’16 and Sarah Francesconi ’16 rep their SLU Pride at the Homecoming Weekend Block Party. These two know that no Laurentian event is complete without pom-poms!
Who wouldn’t want to spend their spring break touring the Coliseum in Rome? Over half of the student body takes part in one of St. Lawrence’s 27 off-campus programs (on six continents).
Love the limelight? At the Java Barn, one of the largest student-run music venues in the nation, students take the stage for open mic shows. It also hosts new bands almost every weekend!
When you want to switch up your dinner choices a bit, sign up to eat at The Green House! The residents will whip you up some homemade meals using fresh, local ingredients, and maybe even feed you dessert.
The men’s squash team gets psyched up together as they gear up for the national championships. The team came in second place in the country in 2014-15!
We aren’t jealous of how early the men’s and women’s crew teams have to wake up, but we are jealous they get to enjoy mornings like this on the St. Lawrence River.
Environmental studies students explore the wonderful world of fiber arts at the Ecological Sustainability Landscape house! Here, are learning to hand-spin their own yarn out of wool gleaned from St. Lawrence-owned sheep.
If you’re in “knead” of more bread in your life, the residents of The Green House, the low-impact living theme residence, can teach you to make your own. Their student-run workshops always rise to the occasion.
Here we go, Saints! Every year new clubs and organizations pop up at SLU like the Photography Club, which got started in 2014. The students who founded it are the ones behind this great light-writing photo!
School spirit? It’s not even a question. A bunch of us went to Lake Placid to watch our friends compete at the 2015 NCAA Skiing Championships. We’ll go anywhere, anytime to cheer on the Saints!
Exploring the largest mosque in Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the highlights of the Senegal component during our Francophone Semester Program. St. Lawrence offers off-campus programs in more than 21 countries on six continents.
We shoot – we score! And the crowd goes wild! St. Lawrence students get happy when the Saints score a goal. St. Lawrence competes at the NCAA Division I level in both men's and women's hockey – best collegiate hockey in the world.
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