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Color your own world at St. Lawrence. Whatever your interest (in this case, paper-making), if we don't already do it, just ask and we'll get started!
This is the men's soccer team celebrating a Liberty League championship, but we aren't sure which year it is, because we've won so many. Men's soccer is one of 32 varsity teams at St. Lawrence (more than at most small liberal arts colleges), and not the only one that wins a lot of championships.
More complex than a computer, the brain is the control center for our entire bodies. Children and community members head to St. Lawrence's Johnson Hall of Science and interact with students at Brain Blast, an annual March event in celebration of Brain Awareness Week.
You don't have to go far away to ski – just build a mountain right on the Quad and walk to your ski area. With as much as 100 inches of snow a year (in 2013-14 anyway), one of nature's greatest playthings is usually in good supply.
Did you know that the Adirondack Semester's yurt village, “Arcadia,” was named the “6th Coolest College Dorm in America” by the Complex City Guide? During the semester, students live and learn here together, surrounded by mountains, forests, lakes and no sign of electronics.
There's always plenty to do at St. Lawrence, and a lot of it is student-driven. This is Open-Mic Night at Java, a student-run music venue, right on campus.
The Chinese New Year provides a great opportunity for our students from that fabulous land to present cultural programming from home.
Not all of our teams are engaged in athletics, although to be a dancer you do have to be pretty athletic. The St. Lawrence dance team performs during football and basketball games while our ensembles stage public presentations near the end of each semester.
Cider, anyone? During an annual fall festival, students learn “hands-on”--which can get messy--how to make one of the rural Northeast's favorite treats.
The High Peaks are only a couple of hours from campus, and each year St. Lawrence students try to put groups on the tops of the 46 highest of them on the same weekend. Why 46? Google Adirondack Forty-Sixers.
At St. Lawrence, you'll begin to build a community within our community from the moment you set foot on campus through your first-year college. Join the chorus!
Global studies students love their major for its course flexibility, discussion based-learning, social justice goals and encouragement to see the world! Global studies is just one of St. Lawrence's 36 majors and 36 minors.
The Asian Students' Intercultural Association invites everyone to celebrate spring in the North Country before finals week with Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors. Be sure to wear white clothing!
Whether you've grown up bouldering in the mountains, or are strapping on a harness for the first time, the Outdoor Program's Munro Family Climbing Wall offers free clinics and climbing gear.
The North Country has a community of farmers eager to share their work and bounty with students. Several farms offer fresh food shares in the fall through their community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs—after you help with the harvest!
This is a geology class, meeting just a few minutes from campus at the edge of the Adirondack Park, the largest state park in the U.S. at more than 6.1 million acres. Pretty big classroom, huh?
Exploring the largest mosque in Sub-Saharan Africa is one of the highlights of the Senegal component during our Francophone Semester Program. St. Lawrence offers off-campus programs in more than 21 countries on six continents.
We shoot – we score! And the crowd goes wild! St. Lawrence students get happy when the Saints score a goal. St. Lawrence competes at the NCAA Division I level in both men's and women's hockey – best collegiate hockey in the world.
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