St. Lawrence University Fellows Program ~ Application (2013-2014)

Application deadline:  midnight, Monday, February 10, 2014

On-campus housing is only available while Summerterm is in session.
If you have answered YES, please supply a detailed rationale including an itemized budget, in an appendix to your proposal. See Fellowship Proposal Guidelines for details.
Normally, the project mentor will be a full-time teaching member of the St. Lawrence University faculty, in a continuing position. Please ask your Faculty Mentor to complete the on-line Project Mentor Recommendation Form (found on the St. Lawrence University Fellowship Program homepage).
Please ask your Faculty Reference to complete the on-line Faculty Reference Form(found on the St. Lawrence University Fellowship Program homepage).
Please be sure your proposal meets the Fellowship Proposal Guidelines and upload here.
You must include a current unofficial transcript with this application.
My typewritten signature above indicates my acceptance of the following SLU Fellowship guidelines: a) I will return as a continuing St. Lawrence University student for the fall 2014 semester; b) I will not accept employment for more than eight hours per week during the 9 week Fellows period; c) I understand campus housing is only available while Summerterm is in session; d) I will submit two copies of the final 500-word project summary, one to my faculty mentor and one to the Academic Dean’s Office (Vilas 103) no later than September 3, 2014. If my final presentation is in poster format, I agree to submit an electronic copy to the Academic Dean's Office. e) I understand that during the second half of my summer fellowship I must write a letter thanking the person or family that is supporting the financial costs of my fellowship. This letter must be mailed or delivered to the Academic Dean's office, Vilas 103. f) I will participate in the SLU Fellows formal presentation during the fall 2014 semester, most likely during Family Weekend, and I will not receive the final $250 of my stipend until the presentation has been completed and my thank you letter and project summary have been submitted to the Academic Dean's office.