Winston Room Movie Schedule

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DATE                                                                   MOVIE                                                  TIME


Thurs. 28                                                      Captain America                                     7PM/9:30PM

Sat. 30                                                          Captain America                                        2:00PM

Sun. 31                                                         Captain America                                        2:30PM


Thurs. 4                                                             Godzilla                                            7PM/9:30PM

Sat. 6                                                                 Godzilla                                               2:00PM

Sun. 7                                                                Godzilla                                               2:30PM

Thurs. 11                                                         Neighbors                                           7PM/9:30PM

Sat. 13                                                             Neighbors                                              2:00PM

Sun. 14                                                            Neighbors                                              2:30PM

Thurs. 18                                                         Maleficent                                            7PM/9:30PM

Sat. 20                                                             Maleficent                                               2:00PM

Sun. 21                                                            Maleficent                                               2:30PM

Thurs. 25                                                    22 Jump Street                                          7PM/9:30PM

Sat. 27                                                        22 Jump Street                                             2:00PM

Sun. 28                                                       22 Jump Street                                             2:30PM


Thurs. 2                                                            Tammy                                                7PM/9:30PM

Sat. 4                                                                Tammy                                                   2:00PM

Sun. 5                                                               Tammy                                                   2:30PM

Thurs. 9                                                    Edge of Tomorrow                                       7PM/9:30PM

Sat. 11                                                      Edge of Tomorrow                                          2:00PM

Sun. 12                                                     Edge of Tomorrow                                          2:30PM

Thurs. 16                                                        Jersey Boys                                            7PM/9:30PM

Sat. 18                                                            Jersey Boys                                               2:00PM

Sun. 19                                                           Jersey Boys                                               2:30PM

Thurs. 23                                                    Wish I Was Here                                         7PM/9:30PM

Sat. 25                                                        Wish I Was Here                                            2:00PM

Sun. 26                                                       Wish I Was Here                                            2:30PM

Thurs. 30                                                  The Purge Anarchy                                      7PM/9:30PM


Sat. 1                                                         The Purge Anarchy                                         2:00PM

Sun. 2                                                        The Purge Anarchy                                         2:30PM

Thurs. 6                                                          Sex Tape                                               7PM/9:30PM

Sat. 8                                                              Sex Tape                                                   2:00PM

Sun. 9                                                             Sex Tape                                                   2:30PM

Thurs. 13                                                Guardians of the Galaxy                                7PM/9:30PM

Sat. 15                                                    Guardians of the Galaxy                                     2:00PM

Sun. 16                                                   Guardians of the Galaxy                                     2:30PM


Thurs. 4                                                        Begin Again                                            7PM/9:30PM

Sat. 6                                                            Begin Again                                                 2:00PM

Sun. 7                                                           Begin Again                                                 2:30PM