Carly Chelton

Carly Chelton

Major: Undeclared
Why did you become an OL? I knew I wanted to be an Orientation Leader the second my car rolled on to campus and I had people screaming in my face welcoming me to school. I was so nervous for my first day that I couldn't sleep the night before. But as soon as I got on to campus I was ready to say goodbye to my family and start my life as a new Laurentian. I became an Orientation Leader so that I could make new students feel as welcomed as I did at their new home away from home.
Any advice to First Years? Chill out! Everyone is as nervous as you are on the first day, so don't be afraid to talk to everyone. Also try new things, and experience as much as you can, because your time at SLU is gonna fly by!
Favorite thing to do at SLU? Hanging out with my friends and exploring the area
Favorite food item on campus? Rodeo Chicken Quesadilla with fries and a pub cookie
Fun Fact: I'm an EMT on campus along with the Canton Fire Department, and I can also say the alphabet backwards