Family Weekend 2014 Registration

Family Weekend Visitors
We provide all pre-registered family members with a name tag, which serves as their Family Weekend pass. Please type the names of those who will be attending, separated by commas, in the field above. SLU Alumni, please include graduation year (i.e. John Smith 1993, Jane Williams Smith 1994, Joe Smith).
Family Weekend Event Attendance
This information will be used to determine approximate attendance for these events.
Family Contact Information
Allows us to confirm registration and contact for clarification purposes.
Please enter the graduating class year of your student (i.e. first-year students are 2018).
Family Weekend Registration Fee
The Family Weekend registration fee is $25 per family. The registration fee includes access to the majority of Family Weekend events, including athletic events, a continental breakfast with President Fox, the athletic facilities and fitness center, and other entertainment throughout the weekend. The $25 payment will automatically be totaled at the end of the form and added to any additional items you wish to purchase at this time.
Additional A La Carte Items
You may pre-pay for passes to meals at Dana Dining Hall and we will provide you the pass at registration. If unsure of your plans at this time, you can decide to pay the meal price, in cash, at the door.
# x $11.00 per person
# x $6.50 per person
# x $8.00 per person
# x $11.00 per person
# x $6.50 per person
# x 11.00 per person