Student Bios

Majors: Sociology
Minors: Asian Studies

When I arrived at St. Lawrence University in the fall of 2010 I struggled to find my niche academically. I dabbled in the physical sciences and the arts and then found my place in the social...

Majors: Sociology

The sociology department was amazingly impactful during my time at St. Lawrence. The faculty were always open and supportive, and were always comforting when I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do...

Majors: Sociology

The society we live in is complex to say the least. As an Afro-Caribbean young woman living in the United States my life is also complex to say the least. Growing up with the contrast between...

Minors: Global Studies and Education

I came to St. Lawrence University from Montreal, Quebec, having first matriculated from Millbrook School, in Millbrook, New York. When adults used to ask me as a child the ever so popular question...

Majors: Sociology
Minors: Biology

When I first got to St. Lawrence I was under the strict impression that I would follow a focused path within the natural sciences and that this interest would continue into my profession. However...

Majors: Sociology and Performance and Communication Arts

I am a senior from Wanakena, NY in the Adirondacks. I declared both my Sociology and Theatre majors in my first year at St. Lawrence because I quickly realized I had an unfailing passion for...