Matt Dalton

Matt Dalton
Bennington, VT
I have been involved in various campus groups such as APO service fraternity, habitat for humanity, and other community service activities.

When I first got to St. Lawrence I was under the strict impression that I would follow a focused path within the natural sciences and that this interest would continue into my profession. However, my sophomore year I took my first sociology course called Problems in Policy which sparked my interest and exposed me to an entirely new viewpoint and understanding of the social world around us and the problems within in. This curiosity led me to take additional sociology courses and increasingly grasped my full attention and interest. I have taken a wide variety of sociology classes which all were interesting and thought provoking such as Nomads in World History, Utopian Society, Making Modern Africa, Medical Sociology, World Health Care Systems, and courses focusing on the principles, theory, and application of sociology. Furthermore, I was able to participate in a summer term program in Ethiopia which was extremely enlightening and life-changing. In Ethiopia we studied and were exposed to its unique culture such as the quasi-utopian community, Awramba. The immensity of sociology both in its scope and applicability has allowed me to develop my own interests within the discipline. My senior project I am pursuing my interest in medical sociology/public health and analyzing the relationship between the AIDS epidemic and the inequality in the healthcare system of the United States, both in its historical and contemporary contexts. After graduation I plan on taking a year off then pursing further education in the public health sector.