Andrew N. Le

Andrew N. Le
Renton, WA
I am a Presidential Diversity scholar and mentor, Ronald E. McNair scholar, a member of the Omicron Delta Kappa National Leadership Society, an SLU varsity football player, a student member of the Discriminatory Harassment Hearing Board, a student representative for the China and Trinidad program, a student representative at SLU's admission panels, public relations chair for the Thelomathesian Society, a student member of the SLU Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, part of the First Year Student panel and the co-organizer of the Men in Color (MIC) group. I went abroad to Trinidad and Tobago in the Spring 2008 and Shanghai, China in Spring 2009.

I came to St. Lawrence all the way from Washington State not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to spread my wings and have experiences different from those of the sleepy suburbs that I came from. I actually stumbled onto sociology. I decided to major in sociology without taking a single sociology class. My logic was that I loved social studies in high school and sociology sounds similar to it. I happened to strike gold on that huge gamble. The courses that stole my heart were the ones with Dr. Assefa and Professor Molk. Those courses dealt with the historical system that is capitalism. Understanding how capitalism operates put the entire world into context for me. Seeing the world through the lenses of capitalism gave me logic for seemingly insane events going on in the world. However, I did not know what sociology was until I went abroad to Trinidad and Tobago. During my semester I came across a group of undocumented Vietnamese workers who recently jumped ship. As I interacted with them I slowly transformed into a sociologist. I observed their actions and constantly asked them about their experiences in an effort to better understand their situation. This experience propelled me deeper into my research and gave me a new found appreciation for sociology. What is beautiful about sociology is that it is so broad that it can encompass many different interests.

As for the future, the desire to continue my education constantly tugs at my heart. I want to obtain my Ph.D., continue researching, and teach sociology. However, because of my life and abroad experiences I have seen the inequalities that run rampant in our world. I would love to be able to help those populations at a macroscopic level by focusing on public policy. For now, my mission is to find a career that will allow me to continue my education while affecting positive change for disadvantaged populations.

Professional Position: 
Fullbright Fellowship in Trinidad