Call for Papers: Eastern Sociological Society


2011 Annual Meeting
Sheraton- Society Hill
Philadelphia, PA
February 24-27, 2011

Intersectionalities and Complex Inequalities

The concept of intersectionality or an intersectional framework,
introduced about twenty years ago, has enriched and transformed academic
research across many disciplines. Its application allows scholars to
explore the simultaneous and multiplicative interaction
of class, race, ethnicity, gender, age, religion, sexuality,
disability, citizenship and other axes of inequality in people’s lives
as mutually constructing systems of power. The 2011 Meeting will focus
on how an intersectional approach has been developed
and utilized in different ways across the subfields of sociology. What
methodologies best help us do an intersectional analysis? In what areas
have intersectional analyses been most successful? What is the most
recent research in these areas? How has using
an intersectional approach advanced our knowledge?

The concept of intersectionality challenges the various areas within
sociology to develop detailed critical explorations of complex
inequalities and their cumulative and interactive effects on individuals
and social institutions. Although submissions on
all sociological topics are welcome, the organizers are particularly
interested in those related to the Meeting’s theme.

We welcome
submissions in such varied forms as:

  • Individual papers (please include one-page abstracts; longer drafts
    are also welcome)
  • Wholly constituted sessions (with names and affiliations of all
  • Thematic Conversations (panels of two or more
    scholars engaged in debate or exchange)
  • Workshops on specific topics and techniques (indicate the
    expert in charge)
  • Master classes featuring a prominent scholar
    or Q & A sessions
  • Roundtable and poster session
  • Mini-conferences

Details about electronic submission will be posted in the next ESS
newsletter, announced electronically on the ESS Announce List, and
available at the ESS website: Regular paper
submissions for all sociological topics in any of the
above formats are due by September 30, 2010.