Were all so old!! I love you both very much, thank you for coming up and celebrating with me this weekend! @eheader #stlawu2014

May 19, 11:15am

This is not only my best friend, this is my sister. We've been through everything together and we didn't say goodbye today, we said see ya soon. This girl will always mean the world to me. Can't wait to see our lives take us. @ktheil20

May 19, 11:13am

I can't believe I graduated college today, and I got to do it along side of my best friend! Best four years of my life. @stlawrenceu I owe my happiness and everything to you! So thankful for everyone I met and I can't wait to see where our lives take us. #stlawu2014

May 19, 11:12am

My favorite people!!! @adklakegirl @jamoroso116 @eheader

May 19, 11:10am

#KDS takes on the corner! #legacy @adklakegirl #stlawu2014

May 19, 11:09am

Well...it's official, my four amazing years at St. Lawrence University has come to an end. Thank you to all my friends and family who has encouraged and loved me throughout my four years here. I couldn't have imagined spending 4 years anywhere else. St. Lawrence, you will always have a special place in my heart. But now it's time to start a new journey in my life. To the class of 2014, WE MADE IT! #stlawrenceu #stlawu #stlawu2014 #graduated

May 19, 11:06am

Congrats to the greatest guy I know on his graduation day! PS this is evidence we can sometimes take a normal picture. #stlawu2014 #graduation

May 19, 10:37am

I'm a graduate! ❤️ #stlawu2014

May 19, 10:35am

Well after four years, I still have my original ID card. Never lost or broke it. I guess it can be retired now. #stlawu2014

May 19, 10:03am

Wow, how did that happen so quickly. #stlawrenceu

May 19, 9:10am

So lucky to have the three best supporters in my life. Thanks for everything you've done and continue to do Mom, Dad, and Ken. I could not have done anywhere near as much or as well without you. And dad, thank you for making me go on 4 SLU tours starting in 9th grade, I finally see the obsession #stlawu2014

May 19, 7:52am

Sibling love! Enjoying graduation day! #stlawu2014

May 19, 1:07am

Everyone please note that I am taller in this picture.. #stlawu2014 GO SAINTS! Congratulations Jamie!!!

May 19, 12:58am

These ladies. #stlawu2014 #501divas

May 19, 12:52am