So now that I've really let this sink in. I wanted to pay tribute to my two favorite SLUzers, graduates, sisters and best friends. From the beginning these ladies have been there. Really don't want to have to go through senior year without them!! I'm a lost puppy!! Here is a little collection of my favorites of yours truly @mplunkett92 and @esf603 in their very best forms :-) #missyou #comeback #stlawu2014 #ΚΔΣ and a little @jcbald10 thrown in (cuz he's the best houseboy ever)

May 22, 4:08pm

Most of my favorite people are in this picture. Them as well as everyone else at SLU has made my SLU career spectacular. #herewegosaints #stlawu2014
Photo cred to @kskraun

May 20, 9:19pm

I still can't believe how fast these past 4 years went by... Take me back!!! #stlawu2014 #laurentianforlife

May 20, 3:56pm

Senior Week flashbacks

May 20, 10:58am

#StLawU2014 @stlawrenceu

May 19, 10:21pm

#stlawu2014 #stlawrenceu #graduation

May 19, 9:17pm

It's true. #stlawu2014 #stlawrenceu

May 19, 8:02pm

29 years later, same place. So happy to share @stlawrenceu with one of my favorite people and role models. Thanks for everything, Daddy! #stlawu2014

May 19, 7:10pm

I had the time of my life at St. Lawrence and one if my favorite parts was studying abroad in Cortona with this cool chick! SLU, Cortona, I'll being seeing you both sometime real soon. #stlawu #cortona #stlawu2014 #aah #oldies

May 19, 6:51pm

My last beautiful walk through campus yesterday right after commencement. Feeling feels I didn't even know existed. #depressedyetoptimistic #stlawu2014

May 19, 2:56pm

KDS sisters take on the dinner dance! @kdsigmaslu @adklakegirl @esf603 #StLawU2014

May 19, 11:17am