Six Seasons with the Saints

Whether it’s sunny, snowing or a torrential downpour, St. Lawrence students love the outdoors and enjoy campus regardless of the time of year. We don’t think Canton has four seasons, but rather six: fall, sticks, winter, mud, spring, and summer – and we celebrate all of them!

In the fall, we canoe on the Grasse River and climb the highest peaks together in the Adirondacks. Sticks season is the period between fall and winter when the leaves have fallen but the snow hasn’t yet. We welcome our families for a weekend, host Homecoming and volunteer in the community at Halloween-themed events.

Winter doesn’t stop us from doing anything! We venture to Whiteface Mountain in subzero temperatures to go skiing, head to Ottawa to skate on the Rideau Canal, and become part of campus traditions like the Candlelight Ceremony and hockey games.

When the snow melts, mud season is upon us. But Ultimate Frisbee is still played on the Quad and the Adirondack chairs and picnic tables return. Now we’re ready for spring, which brings the North Country Folk Festival and our must-attend Dance Showcase.

Some students work on campus and conduct research in the summer months, and they get to enjoy Canton’s warmest weather. BBQs on campus and exploring the North Country are just two of the activities on students’ weekly to-do lists.

--Danielle McBride ’14