Undergraduate Costs

Tuition and Fees for 2017-2018

Fall Semester - $26,305
Spring Semester - $26,305
Total - $52,610

Room (non single):
Fall Semester - $3,678*
Spring Semester - $3,678*
Total - $7,356*

  • Single room cost is $4,511 per semester

Fall Semester - $3,150
Spring Semester - $3,150
Total - $6,300

Student Activities Fee:
Fall Semester - $185**
Spring Semester - $185**
Total - $370**

Class Dues:***
Fall Semester - $5
Spring Semester - $5
Total - $10

Fall Semester - $33,323
Spring Semester - $33,323
Total - $66,646

* Room charges cover most on campus services including access to telephone service and local calls, internet services, SLU computer network, cable television service, laundry, residential programming and copies of transcripts.

** The student government has established a student activities fee that is billed and collected by the University on behalf of student government.  This fee covers the expenditures of student organizations and is subject to change by student referendum.

*** Senior class dues are $15 per semester.

  • All full time matriculated students enrolled at St. Lawrence University are required to enroll in the St. Lawrence Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) OR provide proof of alternative insurance coverage through a comparable plan. The plan administrator for SHIP during the calendar year 2017-2018 will be United Healthcare (UHC) and the annual premium for all students will be $1,738.00.
  • Estimated costs for books, supplies, personal expenses and transportation is $1,650.
  • Comprehensive Fee for Off Campus Program is $33,133 per semester.
  • Payment of the annual tuition entitles a student to enroll in any four courses in a semester, regardless of their unit value.  Five or six courses that total no more than four and three-quarter (4.75) units are also allowed at no additional charge.  Students taking fewer than 4.75 will be billed for full tuition.


  • Late registration and course change - $50
  • Overload election (per course unit) - $6,576
  • Special/summer registration fee - $40