Townhouse Quad Registration Process

In order to sponsor an event on the Townhouse Quad the host(s) sponsoring must submit a proposal to the RC for the townhouses at least two weeks prior to the date of the event.  The proposal will then be forwarded on to the townhouse list serve for the community to review.  At the next Townhouse Council meeting the host(s) will present their proposal.  There will be a discussion about the event and an opportunity for clarification and opportunity to make changes to the proposal.  The members of the Council will then take a YES or NO vote.  A quorum of 13 out of the 24 Townhouse must be represented and present at the meeting to hold a vote.  A 2/3rds majority of the quorum must vote YES to approve the event.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can “host” an event?

Host(s) is defined as a current member of the townhouse community.

Why is there a two week requirement?

To coincide with the bi-weekly meeting schedule as well as provide extra time to finalize details and to provide ample time to the meet the event registration requirements.   

Who “counts” towards the required quorum?

Townhouse council representatives, as identified on your Townhouse application, are required to attend Townhouse Council meetings; if they are unable to attend anyone from that townhouse can act as the representative.  Any member of the Townhouse Community may attend, vote and participate in the meetings.  While the Townhouse Manager is required to attend all Townhouse Council Meetings they are also counted as part of the quorum requirement and can actively participate in the meetings.

What needs to be in the proposal?

·         Detailed description, date, and exact time of the event

·         Designated event host(s) (must be current members of the Townhouse Community) 

·         List of all persons involved in sponsoring/planning/hosting the event. 

·         Clean-up crew of 6 people or more, as well as contact information to be shared with the community so they may be contacted if the event has not been cleaned up 24 hours after completion

·         Time line and plan for clean up


What does the Clean up crew do?

**Clean up must occur 24hrs after the completion of the event.  If cleaned up has not begun 24hrs after the event, the clean up responsibilities will fall to the individuals listed as host / sponsors and individuals that planned the event.

Can the proposal change after the vetting and voting process?

**Changes to the proposal, including but not limited to; date, time, type of event, etc.  Must be resubmitted and vetted once again before the event can be held.

**They only exception is if the event is canceled due to inclement weather.  If this is the case the event can be held at a later date if logistically possible.       

How long can an event last?

**Events cannot last longer than 4 hrs, as per the event registration process.

What happens after the event proposal is approved by the Townhouse Council?

**If the Townhouse Council approves the event proposal, the host will then need to complete the event registration form and complete that process. 

**All proposals must meet Student Activities & Leadership event registration standards and provide details; including requirement for BYOB events, TIPS monitors, security, food and funding etc.

What happens if we don’t get approved through the event registration process, can the event still occur?

**Failure to meet any of the requirements for the event registration process or failure to gain approval will result in the cancellation of the event.

What happens if something goes wrong? 

**Consequences for failure to meet the standards of the event registration process or significant deviation from the event proposal will result in the loss of privileges for those individuals identified in the proposal to host events and may result in judicial sanctions.  This may include but is not limited to violation of the social host policies, failure to clean up after the event in a time fashion or other egregious violations of campus policy. 

Who should I contact with questions?


Residential Coordinator 



Meg Flaherty

Associate Director

Student Activities & Leadership