Student Bios

Alex Martin
Majors: Music

My name is Alexander Martin and I'm from Los Angeles, California. I currently live in Queens, New York and I love St. Lawrence University. I'm currently a sophomore and have fulfilled multiple...

Justin Dalaba
Majors: Conservation Biology

My name is Justin Dalaba and I am a sophomore at St. Lawrence University.  I came here with the hope of studying in my field of interest and found myself drawn to the numerous opportunities...

Katherine Peñaló
Majors: Environmental Studies/Sociology

If I could do one thing in the world it would be travel! I love traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures, traditions, and foods! I enjoy meeting people with different...

Mirta Mikac
Majors: Neuroscience

I was born and raised in a small southeastern European country - Croatia, but I also spent two years living in Hong Kong.

I’m majoring in neuroscience but I am still debating if I would...

Emmanuel Ngenoh
Majors: Computer Science, Economics

As a computer science major, I have grown to be a very thorough person who pays attention to detail and think about problems from different angles. Going to school and working at St. Lawrence (...

Hanane Lahnaoui
Majors: International Economics-Multi Languages (Chinese and German) and French
Minors: Government

My name is Hanane and I am a senior here at St. Lawrence. The past three years have been filled with amazing experiences and great adventures and I will forever be thankful to St. Lawrence for...