Student Bios

Majors: Biology
Minors: Statistics and Psychology

I’m a proud Washingtonian who loves to travel! My sport, diving, lead me
to SLU, where I have another year and a half of school. You might see
me working with animals, whether...

Majors: Economics and Mathematics (4+1 MBA Program)
Minors: Statistics

I am very interested in pursuing a career in the business field, particularly in Finance. I am extremely organized. I spend a lot of my time planning out things that I want to do before I do it (i...

Majors: Anthropology
Minors: Middle Eastern Studies and Arabic

I am a Dominican American from NYC interested in aiding people in help
with internal and external social conflicts. I grew up very family
oriented and love meeting new people. I love...

Majors: History
Minors: Education

I am a northern New York girl, growing up just 35 minutes in scenic
Gouverneur, where the main attraction is the giant lifesaver in the
park. My whole life I have been involved in...

Majors: Computer Science and Mathematics

Besides being Kenyan, I am a free thinker, a technology enthusiast and a zealous student of LIFE. I like experiencing other people's cultures, love to travel and exchanging ideas. I also like to...

Majors: Environmental Studies

I am Maddy Young, and I grew up in Fairport, NY. I spend my summers working as a camp counselor at an overnight camp in the Adirondacks, and wouldn't trade a second of my time there for anything...