Student Bios

Anna Tsybko
Majors: Multi-lingual (focusing on French, Spanish and Arabic)
Minors: Arabic Studies
Taylor Gale
Majors: History
Minors: Education

I am a northern New York girl, growing up just 35 minutes in scenic Gouverneur, where the main attraction is the giant lifesaver in the park. My whole life I have been involved in music and...

Tonisha Kerr
Majors: Economics and Mathematics (4+1 MBA Program)
Minors: Statistics

I am very interested in pursuing a career in the business field, particularly in Finance. I am extremely organized. I spend a lot of my time planning out things that I want to do before I do it (i...

Omolola Akingba
Majors: Business in the Liberal Arts, French/ German
Minors: Education

I am Nigerian but raised in Swaziland and South Africa. I am a current sophomore and I intend on doing a double major in French and Business with minors in Economics and Education. After St....

Sejla Palic
Majors: Mathematics, Psychology

I am a sophomore here at SLU and I am double majoring in Mathematics and Psychology. This semester I am trying to declare a Computer Science minor. I am studying this combination of classes...

Tatjana Jovanovic
Majors: Biology
Minors: Chemistry

My name is Tatjana Jovanovic, and I’m an international student from a small southeastern European country – Bosnia and Herzegovina.

I’m majoring in biology, and my academic interests lie in...