Eaman Sarwar

Eaman Sarwar
Eaman Sarwar
Global Studies
Waimea, HI

I am originally from Pakistan, but born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. I am a current junior majoring in Government and Global Studies with a concentration on peace studies and the Middle East. I plan to go to Law school after I graduate St. Lawrence in 2015. Being a community assistant has been a great experience as a leadership position and getting to know other students on campus. As a CA I have learned about being socially responsible, and how that can relate to social change. As a CA, our everyday choices and decisions can make an impact on other individuals. One positive change that I decide to make in my community could influence another resident which could impact another, creating a type of chain reaction. Social doesn’t have to be at a world wide level to make a difference; anyone can bring about social change, big or small.