Brittany Reid

Brittany Reid
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Pre-Health Club SLU, Townhouse Manager, Community Assistant (Whitman), Equestrian Sports (Dressage, Show Jumping), JustWorld International Ambassador

During my time at St. Lawrence
University I have enjoyed being a part of the Pre-Health Club. Our first large
scale event was a “Rave for Haiti” which surpassed our expectations, and this
year we hosted "Clips for Cancer", a St. Baldrick’s Foundation
head-shaving event which was a great success. We had exceptional participation
and attendance by students, staff and faculty. This kind of community where all
members support each other is what makes St. Lawrence unique.

Horse back riding is a significant
part of my life and St. Lawrence has made it possible for me to keep up with it
at the Elsa Gunnison Appleton Riding Hall. 

I have greatly enjoyed being a
Community Assistant for a First-Year community. Having the opportunity to be a
resource for First-years has allowed me to gain plenty of skills which I would
have otherwise be missing at the end of my undergraduate career.

Academically, I am very interested
in Chemistry and Biology. During my next two years at SLU I look forward to
taking more advanced courses and gaining more specified knowledge in both

Plans after graduation:

My plans are to continue on into medical school.
Eventually I want to settle in Western Canada, but not before I travel and
spend more time in different countries. I hope to continue my riding career
throughout my life as it has provided me with the building blocks of
responsibility and perseverance that have already taken me so far.