Student Bios

Megan Randall
Majors: Visual Arts (studio)
Minors: Anthropology

I love being a religious studies major. With this major I’ve been able to gain a greater understanding of the world’s religions and the role religion plays in so many aspects of human life. The...

Laura Garry
Majors: Religious Studies & French

I am in my final year here at St. Lawrence this year. Although I was initially clueless regarding the major I would like to pursue while attending St. Lawrence, I was happily attracted to the...

Jonathan Cyphers
Majors: Religious Studies

Having originally been interested in being an Anthropology major, primarily specializing in archaeology, it wasn't until the spring of my sophomore year that I took a class in the Religious...

Mark Lucey
Majors: Psychology and Religious Studies

I fell into a Religious Studies major as a result of trying to figure out my own beliefs and taking a course in Buddhism in the fall of my freshman year. I came to SLU with the intent of being a...