Mia Sloan

Mia Sloan
Mia Sloan
Religious Studies
Charlotte, VT
Amnesty International, Campus Kitchens Project, Literacy for Nepal, Environmental Action Organization, Habitat for Humanity.

For myself, and anyone who knows me, a major in Religious Studies is the last thing that would have been expected because I was raised in a household with a very loose religious affiliation.  However, in my first year at St. Lawrence, I took Introduction to the Hebrew Bible with Professor Greenwald and by the end of that year I had taken two more of his courses.  Since then I have been able to take courses focused on the religions and cultures of locations around the world.  Many of these courses I chose to take simply because I was interested in the subject and not necessarily because they credited my major.  I have found them all fascinating and still have a few more courses I hope to take before I graduate.

On campus I have been involved in a large range of extracurricular activities.  This has allowed me to explore interests that do not often come up in the courses for my Religious Studies major or French minor as well as given me the opportunity to meet many different people.  Most of the clubs and organizations that I am a part of on campus are related to human rights and the environment, two topics that I am passionate about.  I have found that the organizations I am a part of go hand-in-hand with my Religious Studies major.  I believe that opening your mind to learning about other religions and different cultures is a big step in understanding today's world.