Megan Randall

Megan Randall
Megan Randall
Visual Arts (studio)
DeRuyter, NY
Vice President of the Anthropology Club, member of Literacy for Nepal, student assistant in the First-year Program office, Admissions Ambassador, resident of the Women's Resource Center theme house.

I love being a religious studies major. With this major I’ve been able to gain a greater understanding of the world’s religions and the role religion plays in so many aspects of human life. The academic study of religion is a fascinating, multidisciplinary field that has allowed me to explore the diversity of the human experience, and given me a new framework to understand both history and modernity.
I’ve had the opportunity to participate in two independent research projects. I was funded by the University Fellowship in the summer of 2010 to do a research project called “The University and Universalism: The Relationship between St. Lawrence University and the Universalist Church.” With the guidance of my advisor, Laura Desmond, I looked at the history of St. Lawrence as a case study and explored themes of secularization in modernity and how applicable (or not applicable) the term ‘secularization’ is to explain this kind of religious change.
I also studied abroad in India in the fall of 2010 and completed an independent fieldwork project called “Becoming Hindu.” My focus within the field of religious studies has definitely been on South Asian religious traditions, so it was wonderful to go to India and expand my knowledge of South Asian religions beyond what can be conveyed in the classroom. For my research project I spoke to children about what it means to them to ‘be Hindu,’ and examined what channels of knowledge were contributing to their conceptualization of Hinduism.

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