Jonathan Cyphers

Jonathan Cyphers
Jonathan Cyphers
Religious Studies
Grantham, NH
Member of the SLU Track team, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, and Improv Lab

Having originally been interested in being an Anthropology major, primarily specializing in archaeology, it wasn't until the spring of my sophomore year that I took a class in the Religious Studies department.  I was losing interest in Anthropology and was looking for something new to pique my interest.  I wasn't originally interested in taking any Religious Studies classes, but after taking the New Testament class and then meeting with some of the professors in the department, I realized that this was the perfect major for me.  My background in Anthropology has been helpful, many of the observational methods that we learned have translated easily over to the study of religion.  The courses that I have taken within this department have been very interesting and I've found that I use what I have learned often outside the class.

While I haven't declared any other minors, I am currently working on obtaining possible minors in Anthropology and Music.