There will be a open / re-registration session held in the ODY Library on Tuesday, August 27th .  Below is information on how the registration will run,  what you need to do, and what to do about registration changes once classes begin.

Re-Registration Details In ODY:

What: This is an opportunity for students to drop or add courses for the Fall semester. Students may register into any open course for which they are eligible and for which no time conflict exists with already registered courses.

Where: ODY Library computer lab 140B

When: Tuesday, August 27th.  FY students from 2-3:00 and all students from 3:00-4:30.

  • Note - FY students will be registering beginning at 2:00PM.
  • Once we are finished with FY students, we will begin registering all other students (even if it before 3:00). 
  • Our cut-off time is 4:30. Any student in line by then will be able to register but we will not register late arrivals.

How: Students will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • FY students will be moved to the front of the line until 3:00.
  • During the time we are registering FY students, students will be asked to show their ID at the door as proof of their FY status.
  • Faculty advisors will be available to any student wishing to consult on their registration choices.  Students will be asked at the door if they need to speak with an advisor or if they are already prepared for the registration.  Any student wishing to speak to an advisor will be directed to the first faculty advisor available.

BE PREPARED: You can shorten the time students stand in line by preparing ahead of time:

  • Bring your ID with you.
  • Plan ahead and identify courses of interest prior to coming to Registration.
    Check APR for an up-to-date listing of open seats.  (note, if you sort the list by the "Open" column, courses with open seats will be at the top!) .  Be sure to select alternate courses in case a course you want is closed.  There will be faculty advisors there to help students select courses but it will be helpful to the conversation if you come prepared with courses or areas of interest. 
  • Know the course number and section letter  (not just the title or instructor).
    Having this information ready will help us process the registrations more quickly.  There will be a few copies of the Fall Course Schedule available for your review if needed and you can use the other computer lab to look up courses on the web.
  • If instructor permission is required, you must bring that approval with you (for example: courses that are closed, courses in which pre-requisites are waived,  instances where time conflicts are being permitted, etc.)
  • Understand that you cannot register for a course overload (more than 4 courses totally more than 4.75 units) until the Add/Drop period begins on the first day of classes.
  • We cannot register students who have a financial hold on their account.  If you have a Financial Hold that prevents registration you should contact the Office of Student Financial Services.

After this open registration period you may still register for courses:
The Add/Drop Period begins the day classes begin and continues for the first 7 class days.  A properly completed Add/Drop form, submitted to the Registrar's Office, is needed during this time.  The form requires the signature of your advisor as well as the instructor for each course listed on the form (whether dropped or added).

Students registering for a course overload  must submit a completed Add/Drop form along with a Course Overload form.

All semester course registrations should be complete by the end of the Add/Drop period.  Late registration changes require an Academic Petition and may incur a late registration fee of $45.

Thank you,
The Registrar's Office