Registration for Fall 2013 courses

REGISTRATION SCHEDULE - Graduate and Undergraduate

~ Spring 2013 for Fall 2013 courses ~

Returning SENIORS:  April 1-3
JUNIORS: April 1-3
SOPHOMORES:  April 2-4
FRESHMEN:  April 8-10

The Fall 2013 semester courses are now posted online in APR.

Matriculated GRADUATE LEVEL REGISTRATION:  (by registration card only) April 1-5

Courses are posted in the Fall 2013 online course schedule on the Registrar's webpage, under "Course Schedule & Archive."

FOR MORE IMPORTANT DATES, Check out the Registrar's Calendar.
Don't wait until the last minute...allow time for the necessary process before your deadlines!
For assistance, call the Registrar's Office at 5267.