Registration: Full Time Status of Students

Enrollment Status Defined for Undergrads

Enrollment status is based on the number of credit hours of course enrollment in a semester. Full-time status is defined as enrollment for at least 12 semester hours (3.5 SLU units) of matriculated credit for a term of 15 weeks. Please reference the following chart for further clarification:

Full Time= 3.50 or > unitsFull Time = 2 units
Half Time = 1.75 to 3.49 unitsHalf Time = 1 unit
Less than HT = < 1.75 units 

Students who begin the semester on a part-time status, or who fall to part-time during the first month of the semester by dropping or withdrawing from a course, will be certified as part-time students for New York state financial aid purposes, other private scholarships that require full-time certification and repayment of student loans. They will lose their New York State Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) and Scholarships if they are part-time students.  Please note that foreign students, veterans, and athletes who participate in an NCAA sport are affected by a part-time status whenever the status change occurs and a student’s health insurance coverage may also be affected. 

Enrollment status data is sent to the National Student Loan Clearinghouse (NSLC) on a weekly basis each Fall and Spring semester. Students seeking enrollment verification must understand that the enrollment reports to the NSLC are based solely on the number of units registered. Whenever a student’s registration status changes (e.g. full-time to half-time or vice versa) the date of the change is noted in the database and enrollment verifications will reflect the new status.

**Graduate students must be enrolled in 2.49 units (9 semester hours) to be considered full time. Between 1.25 - 1.86 units = half time.