Final Grade Entry in APR 2.0

  • To submit your final course grades, you will need to log in to the SLU Fac/Staff Portal (
    • Remember if you are off-campus you will need to use VPN to access the Faculty Information tab in the Portal (the same place where you can view rosters and Search by Sections).  Here’s the process:
  • Under the Faculty Information tab, please select Grading.
  • Select relevant Term in the drop down box.  Please ignore the boxes for Start Date and End Date (leave blank).  Hit Submit.
  • Select “Final” as the type of grade in the grading drop down box.  Choose your course and hit Submit.
  • Enter grades in the white boxes in the Grade Column:
    • Remember, Colleague will not accept the decimal point, so 4.00 should be entered as 400; 3.75 as 375, etc.  Incomplete grades are still entered as “E” in the new system.  Please ignore the other available columns (Expire Date, Last Attendance, etc.). 
  • Hit Submit when you are done entering final course grades. (System times out in ~18 minutes, FYI).

Grades are not “permanent” until 'verified' by the Registrar, so you may go back and make changes as needed through this grade submission deadline.