eSaint (APR) Student FAQs

Q: What time do I register?

A: Registration request processing happens according to class priority.  You can find the registration schedule matrix in the online APR documentation or in the Course Schedule.

Q: How do I get off registration hold?

A: The type of hold you are on determines how to get off hold.

Dean Hold means you have no declared major on file or no advisor on record. You must contact the office of Advising in Whitman Hall and complete the paperwork necessary. That office can release the hold.

Financial Hold means you have a financial obligation to the University. You must contact the Office of Student Financial Services. They can release the hold when you are clear.

Registrar Hold means you have not met your obligation to the Health Center in providing documentation or you have not met some other obligation to the Office of the Registrar. You must contact the Office of the Registrar.

Advisor Hold means you have not met with your advisor regarding course selection for next term. Contact your advisor.

Q: How do I get instructor permission for a course?

A: For instructor or department chair permission you must contact the appropriate person and request permission. Then, give them your student ID number so they can post that number in the course permissions list. This must be done BEFORE a registration request for the course can be made. When they add you to the permissions list you will receive an email confirmation and you can then request the course.

Q: What if I miss my registration time period?

A: During registration week each student is able to take advantage of 7 or 8 registration processes with class priority. Following the week of registration, until the last day of classes, the APR system will continue to process registration requests for all students.  

Q: Where is the open course list?

A: The number of open and restricted/reserved seats will be noted in APR with each course.

Q: Where do I find the list of distribution requirements?

A: You can find the distribution requirements for graduation in the Course Schedule booklet and the University Catalog.

Q: What does SPTP mean in the course title?

A: SPTP in a course title means Special Topic. These courses are not yet part of the regular curriculum. Descriptions for these courses can be found at the back of the Course Schedule booklet or online by clicking on the course title.

Q: What are reserved seats?

A: Some classes have seats reserved for particular class years or for majors/minors. Clicking on the link in the Reserved column will present a message detailing the number and type of restricted seats . Clicking on the link in the Reserved column will give information on restricted/reserved seats. Remember that reserved seats might be released as the week progresses so be sure to keep checking.

Q: How do I find course descriptions?

A: The course title is a link to the description for the course.

Q: Will the system check if I have met the pre-requisites when I request a course?

A: No. The system will check for time conflicts, permission required, and too many units requested but it will not check that you have met prerequisites or that you have requested a required lab. If a course has pre-requisites there will be a 'y' in the Pre-Req column. Click on the 'y' to view pre-requisites.

Q: I am going to do a project or independent study and it is not listed with the courses offered.  How can I register?

A: In cases where an independent study or project is not available for registration through the web system the registration can be handled manually through the office of the Registrar. It will require that you submit a completed registration card to the office of the Registrar with the appropriate signature(s).